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10 Benefits of Breast Feeding & Skin-to-Skin Contact

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10 Benefits of Breast Feeding & Skin-to-Skin Contact

1. Calms you and the bay 

2. Helps baby cry less 

3. Releases hormones that relieve stress and stabilizes baby's temperature, breathing rate, heart rate, and blood sugar.  

4. Releases a hormone that lowers mom's stress and promotes healing.

5. Helps mom's colostrum (the first milk that is full of nutrients that protect the baby) to flow more easily.

6. Boosts baby's immune system and protects against illness and disease.

7.Builds a strong brain through the smells, textures, and sounds the baby experiences while on Mom or Dad's chest.

8.Helps baby gain weight faster. 

9. Helps mom breastfeed longer by building her milk supply and making her bong with baby stronger.

10.Creates connections between mom, dad and baby that last a lifetime. 

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