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How it Works

Our Maternity & Labor dresses are created with care to make sure you are as comfortable as possible inside and outside of the delivery room.


Unlike the traditional hospital gown, Dressed to Deliver's birthing gowns provide easy access for fetal monitoring during ultrasound appointments, while keeping you covered and comfortable—inside and outside of the hospital.



[Image: Immediate Skin-to-Skin & Nursing Access]

At Dressed to Deliver we believe that the ability to have immediate skin-to-skin contact with your newborn is important. We have made the nursing process easier than ever with the addition of detachable straps and extremely soft bamboo fabric that is perfect for your baby's sensitive skin.



[Image: Epidural & I.V. Access]

Our gowns provide full access for epidural administration while keeping you fully covered. As well, our simple design will prevent your I.V. from tangling.


[Image: Postpartum & Nursing]

Our gowns have been designed for extended wear—not just for your pregnancy. After your bundle of joy has been delivered, your gown's detachable straps will come in handy during postpartum for nursing & bonding with your baby.



[Image: Labor]

  • All our gowns are HOSPITAL APPROVED!

  • Provides all required access

  • Ultrasound & fetal monitoring

  • Epidural and I.V. access

  • Immediate breastfeeding access

  • Easy skin-so-skin access

  • 100% GUARANTEED to wash thoroughly


[Our Guarantee

We take great pride in our products and guarantee that every expectant mother will not regret making our gowns part of her journey. Our gowns are made from luxurious bamboo fabric that is breathable, anti-microbial, easy to wash, and remarkably soft! Its empire waist allows comfort for your beautiful expanding belly.


    [Image: Care & Maintenance]

    Our gowns are easy to care for! Simply throw them in your washing machine on warm. You can choose to either hang dry or tumble dry on delicate.



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