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Customer Testimonials

"I am so pleased with this delivery gown. [...] I have 32F breasts and I knew I wanted better coverage than just a tie. After some research I found Dressed to Deliver's gowns and I was impressed with their overall design. I love that it actually provides coverage and support for my breasts but I can easily snap the shoulders down for immediate skin to skin after delivery. I was a little nervous on what size to order, however, I ordered the medium and it fits perfectly. I'm so happy to have this packed in my hospital bag and I'm really happy I won't have to deal with the standard uncomfortable, itchy gowns provided by my hospital.

Erin Taylor


"I have a delivery gown from Dressed to Deliver and it's seriously so comfortable, and actually cute. It has an opening in the front for the fetal monitor and Velcro down the back for your epidural. I feel like I can walk the hospital halls without being worried anythings showing, and as shallow as it sounds, it's going to look good in pictures. First impressions matter! 😂"

Kaitlyn L.


"These gowns are amazing!!! From labor and delivery to nursing and skin to skin!!! They're PERFECT" 

IB Staser


 "I loved my labor dress!  I was on the fence about buying one for the longest time, but I am SO GLAD I did!  Worth every penny.  The anesthesiologist said it was even easier to work with than the hospital gown, which has ties hanging down everywhere and several nurses complimented me on it and asked where it came from.  Amidst all the discomfort of being in labor, it was a relief to have something so comfortable, soft and functional to labor in.  Definitely an essential item for your hospital bag.  Thank you Dressed to Deliver for such a wonderful product!"

Michelle Owens Roberts


"I got my Dressed to Deliver gown and have been waiting for it to warm up to wear it. The weather was beautiful and I couldn’t resist pulling it out!! No one would imagine wearing a hospital gown out for the day, but I can’t tell you how amazing this dress is as a maternity dress!! I am so excited to wear this for labor. It was so comfortable and I got a ton of compliments on my beautiful dress! (Little did they know it is also a labor gown!) Can’t wait to share how the dress functions and works during labor and nursing!"

Lynz Marie


"The nurses love my delivery gown! 2 of them even talked about ordering one for themselves."

Nicky P.