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About Our Gowns

Our birthing gowns are designed with the labor and delivery experience in mind and discreetly provide all required access .  The unique part about our gowns is that they are not an "one-time-use product" as they can also be worn as a maternity dress and for nursing with your newborn!  We believe that the quality fabric, elegant design, and versatility of our birthing gown makes it the best birthing gown on the market…and for your dollar!

No way!  Our gowns are made for ALL STAGES of your pregnancy.  Even though our birthing gowns are equipped with all the access you will need at the hospital, the openings are so discreet that nobody would be able to tell that it isn't a regular dress.  The expanding waist will comfort your expanding belly during pregnancy, and you will especially love wearing it after you have given birth as your belly is decreasing in size.

Don't worry about the mess of giving birth!!  Our Luxe Collection has been made to WASH THOROUGHLY no matter how soiled it gets.  We made sure our gowns can be worn over and over—even after you leave the delivery room.

Measure your bra band size and take a look at our Birthing Gown Sizing Chart: available here!

NOTE: In the case that you are less than 28 weeks pregnant, please contact us at We will ask you to provide us with additional measurements to size you accordingly, as your ribcage may expand further.

Our birthing gowns have all the function of a hospital gown and more.  Discreet snaps that run the length of the back of the birthing gown ensure access for epidurals if necessary, and quick and easy removal of the gown if you require an emergency c-section. 

Unlike hospital gowns, our birthing gowns have discreet front access allowing for fetal monitors and breastfeeding.  They are made from a soft, breathable, and flexible fabric that keeps you completely concealed.  The empire waist of the birthing gown provides bust support.  Our fitted, yet comfortable design will keep you supported, elegant, and concealed all at the same time!

For a planned c-section, it is recommended you wear a standard hospital gown during the procedure.  After, you will most likely be required to remain in the hospital for about three days prior.  The gown's front snaps allow for easy access for daily inspection of your incision and prevent irritation to your incision. 

For regular care, use cold water.  If your gown is heavily soiled (ex. post-delivery), allow clothing to pre-soak in cold water and simply clean the dress using the washer's warm setting.  Either hang to dry or use the delicate cycle for your dryer.

General Questions

Please take a look at our Shipping Options page for shipping information catered towards your specific location. 

Birthing gowns that are unworn and have the original tag attached can be exchanged for another colour or size of gown.  Shipping of the returned gown (including brokerage fees, where applicable) and the replacement gown are the responsibility of the customer.  Discounted items 40% off or more are considered final sale.  For our full return policy, please visit our Returns and Exchange page.