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Most parents will agree that ‘back to school’ is the most exciting time of the year - but also the most hectic. Lazy summer mornings and flexible bedtimes turn into racing out the door and navigating endless after-school activities. Add a newborn baby to the mix, and you could be earning an A for Anxiety

Here are ten tips to help you handle it all without breaking a sweat: 

 1. Plan Ahead:Have lunches made and clothing picked out the night before. As well, have healthy snacks ready on the counter when the kids get home from school.

 2. Build Independence:Create a visual chart or list for the older kids so they can keep track of what needs to be done or what activities they need to get to. Not only will this give them some independence and a sense of responsibility, but it also limits your energy in constantly reminding them!

 3.One-On-One:It’s normal for big kids to feel a bit envious of all the attention the baby is getting. Implementing some ‘parent and me time’ to talk about their day, help them with their homework or do some reading together will not only reinforce that you’re not too busy for them, but it’s a great chance to get some extra ‘big kid’ snuggles in. 

 4. Pre plan Your Route:Determine your route and mode of transport to school ahead of the morning rush. If you drive the kids to school, have the stroller in the car ready to go. If you decide to walk, consider using a carrier for the baby to keep your hands free to help the other kids with their bags and hold hands crossing the street.

5.Wash, Lather, Rinse, Repeat:Make sure the kids are washing their handsas soon asthey get home and before they touch you and the baby! This is key to keeping harmful germs out of the house. 

6.Send an SOS:Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you want your significant other to pitch in around the house a bit more, or need a neighbor to watch the baby or walk one of the kids to school. Remember, it takes a village - use yours!

7.Pick Your battles:Sometimes you have to let the little things go. If allowing your four-year-old wear mismatched socks and an old t-shirt to school means getting everyone out the door on time and without tears, do as Elsa does and just “let it go”!  

8. Have a Flexible Schedule:We all know babies thrive on routine but sometimes they’ll surprise you and adapt in the moment. If you usually feed the baby before drop-off but notice that he/she doesn’t seem hungry just yet, try handling the feeding when you’re back home and settled.

9.Restock and Recharge on the Weekends: Weekends are the ideal time to do groceries, laundry, meal prep and anything else you think will alleviate your weekday load. Why add to the stress of your week if you don’t have to?

10. Stay Calm and Carry On:Children follow your lead and can sense when you’re rushed and feeling frantic which can make an already stressful situation even worse. When you begin feeling frazzled, just stop, take a breath and try to calmly explain to your children why you need their extra cooperation. 


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