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Comfortable Dressing Tips – What Clothes Should You Pack for Your Labor Bag?

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Comfortable Dressing Tips – What Clothes Should You Pack for Your Labor Bag?

Like other mothers-to-be, you’ve taken the high road and are preparing your hospital bag now, instead of a few days before your due date. And rightly so!

The end days of your pregnancy can keep you busy, so it pays to have your bag prepared, stored, and ready-to-grab beforehand.

But what should you pack?

We’ve got you covered.

Essential Clothing List for Labor and Delivery

- Hospital Gown

Yes, the hospital will supply gowns for your delivery. But do you really want to wear something that has probably been worn hundreds of times?

Hospital gowns aren’t functional. With your own nursing nightgown and robe set, you’ll be comfortable and relaxed enough through your labor.

- Your own Clothes

Bring an old t-shirt or two, and your trusty maternity clothes for that comforting sense of familiarity.

Labor can be messy, so you may need to stick to your particular gown for the delivery process. But for after, having those old clothes will make you feel more at home, even when you’re not. Just make sure that your bras don’t have any metal in them, and your shirts aren’t too oversized.

- A Selection of Leggings

You can never go wrong with some stretchy leggings. Great for those bloated days, stretchy leggings can give you that streamlined look. And since their waistband is stretchable as well, you can simply push it below your extended belly and wear your regular maternity clothes on top.

- Chunky Cardigan

Flexible and unfussy, chunky cardigans give off that look of casual elegance while keeping you warm and cozy. Cardigans go with gowns, leggings and shirts and a number of different styles of clothing so throw a couple in your bag for good measure.

- A Scarf

Your body temperature will yo-yo after your delivery so having a scarf around may just do the trick for balancing your need for warmth and cold.

Scarves are useful as blankets (for you and the baby), and to keep you warm and fashionable too. Pair your scarf with a blousy tunic or your nursing gown.

Aside from these, add a shift dress or some yoga pants if you’re scheduled to stay at the hospital for a few days after the birth. If not, the above clothing items should be plenty. With these, you’ll have all the essentials you’ll need for a comfortable delivery.

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