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Don’t Take Stress! Stay Away from these 5 Activities during Pregnancy

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Don’t Take Stress! Stay Away from these 5 Activities during Pregnancy

In nine months, you’re going to have a baby who you’ll love more than anything in the world. You’ll cherish them and protect them from everything there is. But until that time, what should you do to make sure that you stay healthy and safe?

Things like sushi and energy drinks are definitely out of the question. So are those ill-fitting tight clothes that you know won’t fit your growing belly. However, you are a bit clueless about activities that generate harmful stress during pregnancy.

For that, we’re here to inform you!

Which Activities Should You Stay Away From?

1.     Running or Jogging

Running or jogging is only good for you if you’re in a habit of both activities. If not, it’s better to put off this activity until well after the baby is born.

There’s always a chance that you might not be able to control your speed or trip while doing so. Forego running and jogging for prenatal yoga.

But ask your doctor for their recommendation before joining a prenatal class.

2.     Using Jacuzzis

It might feel like heaven for the meanwhile but it can be dangerous for you afterwards. Using a sauna bath or a Jacuzzi can increase your chances of getting an infection, since you can never be too sure if the water is clean or not.

In addition, the high temperature may also cause discomfort.

During pregnancy, the water temperature should always be close to your body temperature when you bathe.

3.     Changing the Kitty Litter

Cat faeces carry a rare parasitic disease known as toxoplasmosis. Infection from this disease can cause damage to the eyes, brain and other organs.

You can also contract this disease through gardening or by eating raw meat. It’s better to stay safe and get someone else to change the litter daily.

4.     Taking Prescription Drugs

Only follow the prescription your doctor has given you. This relates to all medicines including aspirin and over-the-counter medicine as well.

Certain medication can have harmful effects since they contain caffeine, which can affect the baby’s metabolism as they develop. If you do need certain medicine or supplements, ask your doctor before consuming them.

5.     Believing Everything You Read

You’ll find a lot of contradictory information in magazines, books and online as well. Think rationally and trust your instincts when it comes to your health.

When in doubt, talk to your doctor and don’t overthink during a stressful situation. Breathe deeply if you think something’s wrong, contact your doctor straightaway and follow their instructions.

Stay Comfy! Stay Safe!

Stress is a major factor for complications and discomfort during these nine months.

Maintain your physical and emotional comfort throughout if you want to have a smooth pregnancy. Ask your doctor about any other activities you need to stay away from, wear modern comfy maternity clothes from Dressed to Deliver and follow the recommended diet plan.

A happier time will result in a positive pregnancy experience!

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