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Our Birthing Gowns are Hospital Approved in the USA and Canada!

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Our Birthing Gowns are Hospital Approved in the USA and Canada!

If you are wondering whether your hospital will accept our birthing gowns we have great news for you! Our birthing gowns are Hospital approved!

Here’s why:

Our birthing gowns have Full medical Access ~ in fact they have more access than the traditional hospital gown!


Fetal Monitoring Access

Unlike the traditional hospital gown, Dressed to Deliver's birthing gowns provide easy access for fetal monitoring during monitoring of your bundle during labor while keeping you covered and comfortable.


Bonus: You can also use your gown at ultrasound appointments, OB/midwife checkups while keeping you covered and comfortable. 

Epidural and IV Administration

Our gowns have snaps down the back and provide full access for epidural administration while keeping you fully covered. As well, our simple design will prevent your I.V. from tangling.



Breastfeeding and Skin-to- Skin Access

We have made the nursing and skin-to-skin process after labor and delivery easier than ever! With the access fabric and bulkiness of the traditional hospital gown, it can be a challenge to breastfeeding your new bundle. In fact, 75% off moms end up just taking the gown off to breastfeed their bundle! When we created our birthing gown we wanted to ensure that there was an easy way to breastfeed and have skin-to-skin contact with your new bundle.

It’s simple:

  1. Unsnap the two snaps of the shoulder you want to nurse (for skin-to-skin bonding unsnaps two snaps on each shoulder)
  2. Easily breastfeed or place baby on your chest for skin-to-skin, leaving the remainder of your body COVERED!. When you’re finished breastfeeding, simply snap the buttons on the shoulder and you’re ready to go!
  3. BONUS: You can wear the gown postpartum as a comfortable nursing dress!

    No metal Components

    Our birthing gown is free of metal components which some hospital will not allow in case an emergency c-section is needed.


    Easy Removal in Case of Emergency

    Our birthing gowns have been designed to be able to be removed in seconds in case an emergency c-section is required.



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