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Things Every Woman Has Thought About Before Labor

2 min read

Things Every Woman Has Thought About Before Labor

Pregnancy is an interesting experience. Your stomach slowly grows into a watermelon, you’re constantly asked if you’ve gained weight or just pregnant (Rude, much?) and you become an emotional mess every time someone chews loudly in front of you.

But labor is even more interesting. You’re excited that you’re finally going to become a mom, and at the same time, you’re terrified of something wrong (It’s no biggie; you’re just pushing out another human being!)

Unfortunately, nothing can prepare us for the big day. It doesn’t matter if you take the brave route and opt for natural birth, or whether you take every drug known to mankind, you’re still going to be a bundle of nerves. With that in mind, here are thoughts that pop into the mind of every mom-to-be when they go into labor:

“Did I Just Pee or Did My Water Break?”

You can’t tell so you end up Googling for answers and sniffing your underwear (Hey, that’s what the search results said!). After several false alarms, finally a day comes when the baby is ready to see the world.

“Can We Please Just Postpone This?”

It doesn’t matter whether or not you had something planned the entire week. It doesn’t matter if your best friend is getting married, or you’re in need of a nice haircut, the baby will decide when it gets to make its debut. This will happen when you’re crazy busy with something important.

“Wait, Did I Shave or Not?”

Comfy blanky? Check. Butler-slash-husband? Check. Phone to make Facebook updates? Check. Wait a second. Did you forget to shave your legs? In a couple of hours, it won’t really matter but right now you feel the heat of the embarrassment turning your face red.

“Wait, What? It’s Over?”

And before you know it, you’re done and holding your bundle of joy in your arms! Seriously, people do exaggerate a little but that doesn’t mean the labor pains were easy. However, you can rest now because the stressful part is finally over.

Of course, labor is a different experience for different women. Just because some people had an easier childbirth experience, doesn’t mean everyone will. Investing in a delivery gown will help make it better, if not easier.

You should be able to move freely, without your clothes restricting your movements. It’s also important to make sure your clothes keep you warm and comfortable throughout the process.

Nursing gowns are an excellent way to stay safe and comfy during labor.

Browse through our latest collection if you’re looking multi-purpose nursing and delivery gowns. Our aim is to make pregnancy and delivery easier for modern moms-to-be!

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