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Things We Need To Stop Saying to Pregnant Women

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Things We Need To Stop Saying to Pregnant Women

Things We Need To Stop Saying to Pregnant Women

Once you announce your pregnancy everyone wants to talk to you about it! In this blog post we talk about the things people should STOP staying to pregnant women and the things people should NEVER say to pregnant women. 

It's a good rule in general rule  never comment on anyone's size, shape, color, or any physical attributes at all. This rule does not go away just because someone is pregnant. Do not comment on anyone women's size.

This question is usually paired with " Do you have a name picked out?" Both of these questions can be a very personal topic. So mamas-to-be may have chosen not to know the sex, and if they want to share this information with you they will without you asking. 

People need to stop using the word "pop" when it comes to going into labor and having a baby. Pregnant women aren't balloons, and babies don't pop out of their bodies! 

 Any mama-to-be who is expecting twi s will let you know, so people don't even have to worry about asking her. The last thing a mama-to-be wants is someone telling they've gotten too large while growing a human.

Just because someone is welcoming a new baby in their life doesn't mean life stops. Sure, it changes but in all of the best ways, but don't tell a pregnant woman she won't have any free time now that she's becoming a mom.

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