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Tips For Mom Who are Breastfeeding

1 min read

Tips For Mom Who are Breastfeeding

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1. As a second-time mom with a 2-month-old, I would have to say our
breastfeeding journey has been going great! My daughter has been
latching from the moment she was born and my milk supply has been
keeping up with her demand!

2. What I wish I had known as a first-time mom breastfeeding was the
level of commitment that you need in order to breastfeed. You are
ultimately your baby's primary feeding source, so you need to make sure
you doing everything to keep your milk supply up and not taking in
anything that could disturb your little one tummies through the
breastmilk! Your body was made to feed and provide for your baby, so
make sure you are taking care of it!

3. For any mommas out there who are plan on breastfeeding, my top advice
for you is to not be afraid to reach out for help! Whether you are
trying to get your baby to latch correctly and need a lactation
consultant or you are just struggling in general and need to pump in a
bottle for someone else to feed your baby, don't be afraid to seek help!
Doing what is best for your baby is also doing what is best for you.
Breastfeeding can sometimes invoke feelings of guilt if you are failing
at it and feelings of loneliness because you are the primary feeding
source. In order to have a successful breastfeeding journey, make sure
you are surrounded by people who can help and support you!

I hope this covers what you are needing and if you need anything else,
don't be afraid to reach out!


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