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The Story Behind Dressed to Deliver


Getting pregnant wasn't easy for us. 

The hospital quickly became my second home.  I got all too familiar with hospital gown, and quickly realized that it brought on a number of issues during my daily appointments, including the feeling of immodesty and discomfort during my ultrasounds.

At the time, I had a few other friends who had already given birth, and I asked if they shared the same aversion for the traditional hospital gowns.  I learned that it wasn't just me—all the other new mothers had the same issues.  They also told me how awkward and unnecessarily difficult it was to provide skin-to-skin contact or even breastfeed after their babies were born.  At this point I knew there had to be another option.

During the birth of my son in 2012, I wore the Plumeria birthing gown: the premiere product that inspired Dressed to Deliver.  While I was encouraged to change into their hospital gown, I stuck to the plan and wore something that made me feel comfortable and confident.  For me, it was the first step to an empowering labor.

Dressed to Deliver hospital gowns have evolved but continue to be purpose-built with baby safety and well-being top of mind. We were the first company to introduce and coin the phrase 3-in-1 birthing gowns which transition a mother, her baby and medical staff through labour, delivery and nursing in a comfortable and concealed manner, while allowing for easy medical access and baby care along the way.


julie's family founder & CEO of Dressed To Deliver

 As an entrepreneur and mother, I am an innovator that firmly believes that each and every woman should feel comfortable, confident, capable and beautiful - before, during, and after one of the most important events of her family’s life! We are dedicated, and our promise is, to ensure that every detail of our 3-in-1 gowns have been designed and made for the needs of labouring and new mothers and their babies. 

After all, baby’s and their family’s deserve the best experience possible.


All my best,

[Julie Sign Off]

Julie Berg 

Founder & CEO of Dressed to Deliver and Mom of 3.