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5 Smart Tips on Investing in Your Pregnancy

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5 Smart Tips on Investing in Your Pregnancy

According to a 2010 USDA report pertaining to expenditures on children by families:

An average middle-income family spends around $12,000 on child-related expenses in the first year of their baby’s life.

Eight years down the line, we can only imagine how the overall cost of raising a child has increased. Clearly, parents do have to spend a lot to maintain a certain environment so their child can be happy. However, they cannot do so if they don’t have enough to spare.

To help first time parents, we decided to offer some tips you can use to save when it comes to pregnancies and other expenses related to your children:

1.     Do Your Research before Buying Anything Online

Whether it’s maternity clothes, furniture and food, look for better options online before you type in that credit card number.

You’ll find a lot of more affordable options if you put your Google skills to the test. Read up on the details, comparison shop and get the products that offer the most pros.

Pro Tip: Buy convertible products, such as multi-functional nursing covers or maternity gowns.

2.     Opt for Easy-to-Wear Outfits – For the Baby and Yourself

There’s nothing more annoying than fumbling about with the laces of your shirt so you can nurse your crying child.

When shopping for maternity clothes, buy gowns that double as maternity and nursing gowns as well. Their design offers easy access to your chest.

What’s even better? They’re designed keeping modern trends in mind— you can wear them without worrying about your appearance.

3.     Stock Up on Your Nursing Arsenal

Nursing covers, reusable nursing pads, baby bibs, nursing pillow – whatever items you’ll be using, get two of them all.

You can’t use the same set of products for the whole time you’ll be nursing, since you’ll obviously need to wash it all as well.

Again, try to search for convertible products, like a 4-in-1 nursing covers.

4.     Buy Products You Need First

Instead of buying things that are just too tempting to pass up on, shop for all those products that you need.

This includes nipple balm, breast pump, rompers, diapers, nursing pads etc. You will need these items immediately after the delivery.

You can put off buying that adorable green high chair till later.

buying maternity clothes

5.     Sign Up for Special Rewards

If you like a certain brand or company, you can always sign up to their website for newsletters and information on special discounts.

Companies often give their loyal fans a first look on any new products they’re working on, so you might end up getting a special product for a fraction of the original cost.

Shop Smartly!

Investing in your pregnancy can be easy if you know the right steps of doing so.

Follow the tips above and depend on your favorite brands such as Dressed to Deliver to provide you with the best products in the maternity industry for an affordable price!

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