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6 Tips on Labor and Delivery That Are Actually Helpful

3 min read

6 Tips on Labor and Delivery That Are Actually Helpful

From exercise to eating spicy food to having a romp in the sack, people have given you some helpful and not-so-helpful advice on how you should deal with labor and delivery.

But with so many *tips*, it’s hard to decide which to follow.

No worries though. As purveyors for women seeking maternity clothes for their hospital stay after the baby arrives, we know a lot about pregnancy, childbirth and what women really need when they’re in labor.

Six Tips You Should Follow

1.     Find the Right Partner

If your partner pales each time you talk about labor and pain, they may not be the best person to have with you when the time comes.

Find a family member or a friend that will stay strong beside you when you need them. The right partner can make the process quite easier for you, since their strength will comfort you.

Discuss labor support and consider your options before deciding on the person you want with you.

2.     Distract Yourself

Easier said than done, but the last thing you need is to pay complete attention to your contractions. Active labor can last for up to 14 hours (early contractions are not as painful).

During this time, you’ll need to stay calm and breathe through each pang, making sure not to wear yourself out. Have some cookies, take a shower or walk around the house. Do anything that would relax you.

3.     Be Careful of What You Eat

Avoid any treat that’s high in fat and hard-to-digest. You need food that would make you feel fulfilled, but not stuffed, otherwise you might feel nauseous.

Not to mention that with muscle contractions, you may lose liquids fast. Drink water when you’re at home, and keep taking sips when you’re at the hospital as well.

4.     Take a Shower

Your muscles tense each time the contraction takes hold of you. That pain can be felt all over your body. Counter that pain by taking a warm shower. Sit in the bathtub and aim the shower head at your back or wherever your contraction feels the most intense.

Warm showers are fine at any time during labor so there’s no worry about any adverse response.

5.     Get Some Comfort

Ask your partner to give you a head massage, use the hospital’s whirlpool or Jacuzzi to ease that lower back pain. Wear a maternity labor delivery gown so there’s no awkwardness when you take a walk. Do whatever needs to be done to feel comforted. At this time, yours is the only word that matters.

6.     Be Open to Medication

If you’re in active labor and not dilated enough, consider getting an epidural. Epidurals don’t increase your chances of a C-section; they simply numb the pain so you’re not tense all the time.

Also, none of the medication reaches the baby so it’s completely safe as well.

However, getting an epidural does limit your mobility so you may choose an analgesic as well if you want. Unlike the epidural, it won’t take away your pain; it will just dull your perception of it.

The miracle of childbirth sure requires a lot of preparation. But with the right tips to guide you through, you will hopefully have no trouble handling your labor like the champ you’ll be!

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