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Baby Arrival Prep – How to Combat Labor and Delivery Worries

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Baby Arrival Prep – How to Combat Labor and Delivery Worries

With the number of stories we’ve all heard regarding labor and childbirth, we don’t blame you if you start feeling jittery as your delivery date draws near.

Every woman goes through a different type of labor. Some with a higher threshold of pain don’t feel their early contractions to be as terrible. While others who get queasy at the sight of blood, or have a lower threshold of pain, aren’t able to hold on to their body when the pangs start. So, with each experience, the main thing we must focus on is preparation.

Labor is painful, there’s no skating around this fact. But preparing yourself the right way may give you a chance to combat the pain in a way that doesn’t affect you in the way you were expecting.

Tips on Preparing for Labor and Delivery

Educate Yourself

Aside from talking to your doctor, take an active role in learning about natural birth by going to classes, learning breathing and relaxing techniques, medication that may help during labor. Understand each component of the birthing process and dispel any myths so you don’t have questions afterwards.

Talk about Your Fears

If you have any fears, talk about them with a professional. You’re giving birth, and that’s no easy task. If you suffer from anxiety and depression or PTSD, talk to your doctor about your options post-birth. Postpartum depression can be consuming for mothers. Don’t disregard these facts just because you’re afraid of what others might think.

Remind Yourself of the Reality

Many a times, our fear manifests itself through our thoughts and makes things seem scarier than they are. While intense, labor and birth is a natural process. Labor and pain is not an indicator of anything wrong. Rather, it is an indicator that your baby will be coming into this world soon, and you’re going on a purposeful journey.

Make a Birth List for Comfort

Evaluate your plan. Is there anything you need for your delivery? Gather all main components and tackle each issue accordingly.

  • Talk to your doctor about the epidural. Don’t go all natural. While it’s completely okay to give an entirely natural birth, pain relief won’t make you any less of an achiever. There’s no judgment other than your own.
  • Limit the number of people in your room. Aside from your partner, everyone else should be in the waiting room. Keep in mind that childbirth is a very emotional and messy process. You don’t need your aunt hopping around, trying to catch a glimpse of the baby crowning.

    Being a new mom is an overwhelming but euphoric feeling. Take the right steps to ensure that when the time comes, you’re in the right state of mind to experience your child’s birth in its full glory!

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