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5 Cool Ways to Rock Your Maternity Style

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5 Cool Ways to Rock Your Maternity Style

 Let’s just start off by saying this; fashion becomes even more important when you’re pregnant.

With morning sickness, swollen feet, sensitive breasts and weird cravings to top off the constant thought that your baby is growing inside you, fashionable clothing that flatters your body works as a life-saver.

And thanks to Dressed to Deliver, many women are indeed enjoying their status as the fashionista mamas-to-be. But how should you enjoy fashion in all its glory?

Here are some tips that can help you do just that!

Ways to Rock Your Pregnancy Style

š Get a Good Bra

This cannot be stressed enough. When you go from an A-cup to a C-cup in a matter of weeks, it’s important to have the right bra that fits. Go to a store that exclusively sells underwear, and ask an assistant to measure you. Don’t depend on your own estimate. The right bra can do wonders for your overall look and will be much more comfortable.

š Don’t Layer Up

For a pregnancy style, less is more. Rather than hiding your curves, embrace these changes in your body and wear form-fitting clothes and dresses. There’s nothing more beautiful than a mom-to-be who’s rocking her belly in a gorgeous gown. Buy a dress that accentuates and fits right around your bump so it doesn’t look awkward.

š Find the Right Support

The thin belt of your favorite jeans won’t be able to support your growing belly. Look for denim with a wide belt and fabric that’s strong and supportive so it doesn’t stretch too much over your stomach. Also, buy stretchy tank tops that smooth over your body.

š Play with Patterns and Silhouettes

The maternity clothes at Dressed to Deliver don’t look like your usual maternity clothes for a good reason. We opt for smaller but more prominent designs and patterns, and comfy silhouettes so it doesn’t look gaudy. When you wear our pieces, the focus is on the fit, not just on the pattern or colors.

š Go for Comfort Every Time

The rule of fashion is pain is void if you’re pregnant. Comfort and ease are your priority. If you can’t be bothered to find the right shoes to go with that maternity gown, pull on some sneakers instead.

Follow these dressing tips and inspire other moms-to-be to follow in your fashionable footsteps!

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