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What All First-Time Mothers Should Know about their First Week Back Home

2 min read

What All First-Time Mothers Should Know about their First Week Back Home

The necessities have all been taken care of.

Your nursing gowns are hanging in your wardrobe, ready to be worn. Your doctor has given the A-OK for you and the baby.

So why are you worried about these first days back home?

Sure, your life has changed in a big way. But the truth is that life after a baby isn’t quite as overwhelming—at the end of it all, it’s every bit worth the sleepless nights!

Just follow a few clever tips to make your home life easier, post-birth.

What You Need to Do in Your First Week Home

  • Forget that Feeding Schedule

Right now, all your newborn wants is to eat, sleep and grow, and they won’t do it according to your schedule. The first weeks (or months) will go by faster if you feed on demand, rather than on the times when you’ve scheduled. Don’t let too much time (4-5 hours) go by during feedings.

  • Pencil in those Family Visits a Month Later

Your baby needs rest as much as you do. Having visitors come and go will only overwhelm the mother and the baby as time goes. In addition, since your little one won’t get their vaccinations until they’re six months old; having too many visitors over—all of whom will want to see your baby—may expose them to germs.

  • Go Outside

It’s okay to limit your little one’s interactions with people and others in the first week, but you don’t need to shut yourselves in.

Go outside and get some sun. If your baby is a bit sensitive to the light, sit by a window and keep that exposure short.

  • Expect Your Body to Change A LOT

Many moms don’t realize how overwhelming childbirth is for your bodies.

If you’ve given a vaginal delivery, you will feel bruised and sore. Use a squirt bottle and keep that area clean to avoid any infection.

For cesarean births, be regular with your medication to relieve any pain and soreness at your incision. Don’t worry about your swollen breasts. Nursing will help, especially if you nurse frequently. Just keep in mind that it won’t always be like this.

  • Dress Comfortably

Comfort is so important. The first week back is very busy; it pays to have some comfortable clothing on, especially for breastfeeding mothers.

Our collection of maternity clothes include nursing nightgowns and robe sets that you can wear after your delivery. Since our maternity collection doesn’t look like the typical clothes (read: baggy), you’ll be able to show off your fashionable side without feeling self-conscious.


Instead of fussing over the little details, treat your first week back as a way to bond with your baby.

These are your first days with them in a life filled with happiness. Take the time to marvel at their perfection and celebrate. You’re a mother now!

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