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Crucial Labor Tips for First Time Moms

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Crucial Labor Tips for First Time Moms

You’re well into your last weeks of pregnancy and finally, you’re allowing yourself to think the inevitable. Your little one is going to be in your arms and you just realized how overwhelming it will be.

Perhaps because giving birth in itself is such a miracle, we’re never truly able to determine how intense it can be. But with the final days of pregnancy approaching, it’s time to put on your mom pants and accept your fears about labor.

And what you should do to combat them!

Facing down your Fears – Tips for Labor

Giving birth is an emotional and uncontrollable event. And though it can be so, it’s important that you approach labor with a positive attitude— one which you can only attain if you learn as much as you can about pain, childbirth and how to be satisfied with your experience.

Here’s how we can break down those fears.

1.     You’ll need a C-Section

33% of births in the US are done by C-section, but this does not mean you’ll be that one in three chances. Unless you’re having multiple births, have hit full term and are going into labor naturally, you won’t be in a position to have a C-section.

However, if you’re still concerned, ask your doctor about your options regarding childbirth. If you need to go into the O.R. due to an emergency, you will need to sign a consent form and your partner will be with you all the way.

2.     You can’t handle the Pain

Many women are surprised by the intensity of the pain, but keep in mind that each person’s threshold of pain is different. Many women are able to manage through the early stages of delivery, which are usually the longest. And when the time comes, it’s the euphoria of birth that allows women to push out with all their strength.

Nevertheless, contractions are necessary since they push the body to a better position. Ask your doctor about the epidural and sign up for prenatal yoga to make the process slightly easier.

1.     The baby might get stuck

Babies don’t get stuck when they’re coming out. Truth is, the width of your hips sometimes doesn’t allow a smoother passage for the baby, or labor doesn’t progress as it should. But there’s no need to worry, since your doctor will have options on hand to take care of this predicament.

If your baby is close to crowning, the OB might use a vacuum extractor or forceps to ease them out. If they’re further up, the doctor may suggest a C-section.

2.     You’ll Poop on the Table

Don’t be embarrassed about this. You’re pushing a baby out of you, pooping on the table should be the last thing on your mind. Doctors are used to such incidents, since you’re basically pushing from a general area. And since there’s usually a nurse nearby to clean it all up, you really have nothing to concern yourself with.

For your own sake, wear a maternity delivery gown that keeps you comfortable and let go of any social graces.

3.     You Won’t Get to the Hospital in Time

Births in the car are quite rare, which is why they make national news when it happens. Keep in mind that labor isn’t as quick as we see on TV. It takes time for the cervix to dilate. Instead of panicking, try the 5-1-1 rule. Every five minutes, the contraction should last one minute. This should continue for an hour. If it takes longer, you have a lot of time before your baby comes out.

Dressed to Deliver caters to all mothers seeking cute maternity delivery gowns for sale. As a purveyor for moms in the US and Canada, we have some know-how on what women go through. And we want you to have a satisfying delivery.

Take the above details into account. When the time comes, you’ll find yourself well prepared to welcome that bundle of joy into the world.

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