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Here’s why we don’t recommend Baggy Clothes as Maternity Wear

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Here’s why we don’t recommend Baggy Clothes as Maternity Wear

When it comes to pregnancy wear, many of us wonder if it’s possible to save up and make do with our present wardrobe.

After all, it’s only nine months. You can buy a bunch of cheap baggy clothes; wear them with sweatpants or jeans. Problem solved!

But the truth is that what your wear can greatly affect your overall pregnancy experience. Here’s how!

Why Buying Body-Positive Pregnancy Clothes is Necessary

š Your Body Will Change

Temperature changes, hormonal changes and general discomfort are just some of the things you’ll experience during pregnancy.

Your belly will (of course) grow as well, and chances are, even your baggy clothes might not be able to cover it. With maternity wear, you have a dress that stretches with your body, but covers you modestly.

Not something you can say for a baggy t-shirt and jeans that’s snug in all the wrong places.

maternity wear

šYour Life Needs to Be Easier

For a lot of women, pregnancy messes with their self-esteem because they end up gaining a lot more weight than they want. And though it’s mostly fluid, that factor does not register since the mirror only shows the heavy weight.

On top of that, a baggy shirt or dress would definitely not help.

Specially-designed maternity clothes are not only comfortable; they’re also fashionable, which is a definite plus for ladies that are worried about their appearance.

šYou Shouldn’t Be Forced to Wear Something Uncomfortable

A major difference between maternity clothes and regular clothes is the fabric. Body temperature fluctuates during pregnancy.

You need clothes that are breathable and therefore, comfortable during those sudden hot flashes. Maternity clothes made from bamboo fabric are quite popular because of this reason, since they allow the body to maintain a comfortable temperature.

That’s not something you’ll get from a jersey dress or shirt.

Buying Affordable Maternity Clothes

While the maternity wear market is a $2 billion industry, about 1/3rd of the industry’s revenue is earned by niche maternity wear brands.

Dressed to Deliver is one such brand that caters to countless customers who want affordable fashionable maternity clothing that’s comfortable and multi-functional. With such products on offer, we enjoy a loyal customer base that understands the purpose of our product and the benefits they can reap from them!

Your baggy clothes are not the right ones for maternity. Get a wardrobe that provides you with the physical and emotional comfort you need. Wear modern comfy maternity clothes from Dressed to Deliver!

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