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Perfect Maternity Wardrobe - Clothing and Accessory Ideas

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Perfect Maternity Wardrobe - Clothing and Accessory Ideas

Thankfully, maternity wear is not a one-size-fits-all venture anymore. With companies like Dressed to Deliver making gorgeous maternity hospital gowns that are not only fashionable but fitting, women are taking the opportunity to show off their style and fashion sense without compromising on comfort.

However, if you’re new to maternity fashion and need some help, here are some clothing and accessory tips that can help!

-Shop Sparingly

Shopping for maternity clothes isn’t just a one-time deal. Your body will change during these 9 months. What fits you right now may not fit you when you’re in the third trimester. Shop for clothes slowly, and when you’re comfortable. You’ll have a more satisfying shopping experience.

-Don’t be Afraid to Show Your Curves

There’s nothing worse than a bulky, shapeless dress. Being pregnant is no reason why you should forego your regular skinny jeans and fitted dresses. If you want to buy maternity hospital gowns that fit your curves, do it. These dresses are already stretchable, and made from super comfy material, so it won’t be a useless purchase anyway!

-Don’t Limit Yourself with Color

Maternity clothing is supposed to be fun, colorful and vibrant. Choose colors that make you feel happy. Throw caution to the wind and buy colors that complement your skin tone, and don’t be afraid to add a bit of texture or pattern into the mix. Don’t limit yourself to neutral or black.

-Go for Decorative Elements

Ruffled trims, beaded accents, embroidery – wear whatever catches your attention. Even if you’re wearing something simple, adding ruffles or beaded designs will give it that perfect touch of texture that it needs.

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-Complete the Look with the Right Accessories

Infinity scarves, accessories such as necklaces and dangling earrings – there’s so much you can work with, with your maternity clothes. Whether you’re wearing a simple ensemble or dressing up for a night on the town, use every opportunity to accessorize. This will make you look and feel sexy.

-Comfortable Shoes are a Must

Your comfort is of the utmost importance. A lot of women wear flats or sneakers around this time, mainly because heels tend to make their feet ache. If you would rather still wear some fancy heels though, make sure they’re of a tolerable length so you don’t end up tripping on your own feet.

Shop at Dressed to Deliver!

Searching for affordable maternity wear? Along with fashionable maternity hospital gowns, Dressed to Deliver also offers nursing covers that are multi-functional and gorgeous to boot!

Follow the above tips and shop for your maternity wardrobe!

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