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Reasons why Moms LOVE our 3-in-1 Labor & Delivery Gown

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Reasons why Moms LOVE our 3-in-1 Labor & Delivery Gown

On these weeks blog we reached out to real moms who wore a 3-in-1 Labor & Delivery Gown for their birth and asked them to tell us reasons why they loved it! Check out what they said below: 


When I first got my DTD gown, I was about 7 months pregnant and it was about the only thing in my closet that I could wear without it pinching or squishing me or generally making me want to rip the fabric right off. Seriously, I’d heard reviews about how soft the fabric is and I STILL wasn’t prepared for it to be like actual butter. So then of course, once I had it on, I did not want to take it off. One of my favourite things about it was that I could pop a leather or denim jacket over it and wear it around to do errands - like a maternity little black dress only comfy af. It was also the outfit that I brought to the hospital to give birth of course. I knew I’d be having a c section so I just wanted something feminine yet comfy that I could wear to nurse and hold my new baby, but that would also look pretty for photos and visitors.

When I gave birth to to my first daughter  ten years ago in a traditional hospital gown and when I got pregnant with Ivory in 2018 I panicked- no way was I going to get stuffed into one of those starchy frocks ever again. 
Que my finding Dressed to Deliver:  hospital approved birthing gowns made of soft antimicrobial fabrics that come in everyone’s size XS-5X - so no more walking around with your butt! ⁣Button snaps give easy and modest access for fetal monitoring, epidurals, c-sections, skin to skin, breastfeeding etc. ⁣⁣It was the best! 

So, sooooooo in love with my Dressed to Deliver Labor & Delivery gown. This company freaking rocks. When one of the nurses came in to give me a gown and told me to put it on— I said, “NOPE” I brought my own. BOOM. This gown gave  the doctors and nurses complete medical access for, fetal monitors, epidural and IV administration and ultrasounds access. Soooo in love!

I cannot tell you guys enough how much I LOVED my gown that I got from Dressed to Deliver!
Although I wasn’t able to wear it while I was in labor like I had originally planned (since I showed up to the hospital fully dilated) it came in very useful during the days that we were in the hospital.
It was insanely comfortable, the fabric was soooo soft and it was so convenient for nursing my new sweet babe in (who yes, is wearing a matching swaddle) I also got their robe, which came in handy while at the hospital for when I got cold or when we had visitors and I wanted good coverage (I’m a modest girl). I also still wear this robe daily because it’s super soft!

If you’re looking for a non-conventional gown for when you’re in the hospital, I highly recommend you try out Dressed to Deliver! 

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