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Essentials for New Moms for Pregnancy, Labour and Delivery: By Little Miss Kate & Co

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Essentials for New Moms for Pregnancy, Labour and Delivery: By Little Miss Kate & Co

Dressed to Deliver Essentials for Labour and Delivery:

Taking care of yourself is the first step to a healthy and happy baby. All of the following products support moms from pregnancy through to delievery day and even afterwards during post partum recovery known as the fourth trimester. 

You want to be prepared at the hospital and most importantly you want to be comfortable. Now in my first experience with labour and delievery I hated wearing a hospital gown, and even more so this time with Covid happening I feel so much better about bringing my own gown to labour in. The following two products are from Canadian Company Dressed to Deliever who have reinvented the hospital gown with your needs in mind, your babies needs as well as the needs of medical professionals. The birthing gown has the functionality of a standard hospital gown but is much more comfortable and convenient for moms and allows them to feel covered up. Years ago when Kate delivered Little Bear she also used a Dressed to Deliver Birthing gown. 

The 3-in-1 Labor, Delivery and Nursing Gown, offers an alternative to moms instead of wearing a horrible hospital gown that makes you feel uncomfortable and uncovered. These labour and delivery gowns are approved in Canada as nurses, doctors, or midwives have easy and full accessibility to monitor moms and babies. Some key features are:

  • Full 360 coverage (I am excited about this as I am very modest and hate the feeling of being too exposed)

  • Luxurious,  quality, breathable, moisture wicking and thermoregulating fabric (It feels super soft and was super gentle on my skin when I tried it on)

  • Immediate Skin-to-Skin and Breastfeeding Access.

  • Fetal monitoring access

  • Doctors, nurses, and midwives have complete medical access for:

  • Fetal Monitors

  • Epidural and IV administration

  • Ultrasounds Access

  • C-Section Incision Inspection

This Maternity and Nursing Robe set is perfect for both moms and moms to be to wear. I recieved mine when I was 29 weeks and tried it on right away and loved it. I like the feel of the material, it is a good length, I felt covered but yet it would be easy to use for nursing. My favourite part was that it was super comfortable just to lounge in and watching Tv as I am getting to the point where anything around my stomach feels uncomfortable and restrictring especially in the evenings. Pack this maternity robe in your hospital bag as it will be perfect to wear when nursing, or you could even wear at home afterwards when you don’t feel like getting dressed! Perfect addition to my maternity and postpartum wardrobe. 

Check out her Video Review Here: 


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