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Stay Fit, Stay Happy – What Every Fit Mom-to-Be Should Know

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Stay Fit, Stay Happy – What Every Fit Mom-to-Be Should Know

 You’re eating for two. Why in the world shouldn’t you just give into that craving and chomp down that big box of chocolates?

The answer sadly is that even with another mouth to feed, we seem to be over-eating, and most of the food we’re eating isn’t even going to the baby in the first place.

Let’s discuss the biology first.

Eating for Two or No?

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According to medical research, this phrase eating for two is just a myth. Yes, you would need to have more food, but that amount should generally be around 300 calories per day, and should consist of healthy food, rather than a bag of chips.

Eating more than your daily amount leads to excessive weight gain. This increases your risk of high blood pressure and backache. It also increases the risk of a cesarean birth, since your baby might grow to be too large for a normal birth.

Conversely, if you don’t gain substantial weight, that would also be a cause for concern. Not gaining the right amount of weight could cause developmental delays, health risks and premature delivery.

How to be smart and fit During Pregnancy

-Don’t Skip Your Exercise

If you already have a regular workout schedule, don’t deviate from it. Only tweak it a bit so your body can support it. Exercise and pre-natal yoga can do wonders for your post-pregnancy body. Since your body will be used to the exercise, you’ll have an easier time getting into the flow of it once again after you give birth.

-Find a Support Group

Even if you’re the shy introvert, just bite the bullet and join a mommy workout group. There are a large number of groups out there that maintain their workouts pre-pregnancy to after-birth. With a support group by your side, you’ll cherish the camaraderie and have a much stronger bond with the ladies, and a deeper friendship.

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-Keep it Fun

Shedding those pounds isn’t easy if the workout isn’t interesting to begin with. If simple workouts aren’t your thing, try something new like hula dancing, biking, low-impact Pilates or yoga. Use the opportunity to try something different for a change.

-Keep Yourself Comfortable

Comfort plays a bigger role for your fitness than you think. During your pregnancy, your body will try its hardest to adjust to the growth. But this will mean that your skin will stretch, and you will feel uncomfortable. Wear maternity clothes specially designed for modern moms and follow easy workout tips to remain fit during pregnancy. dodo

 Do what you can to keep your body comfortable.

Keep Yourself Healthy and Happy!

Ask your doctor to give you a diet plan and stick to it. You are allowed to indulge in a treat or two occasionally. But if you dream of being a yummy mummy, follow the tips we’ve given above and treat your body right!

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