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The Partner’s Guide to Taking Care of Your Wives – 5 Things to Keep Her Happy

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The Partner’s Guide to Taking Care of Your Wives – 5 Things to Keep Her Happy

 For a long time, people were allowed to escape the responsibility they had toward expecting mothers. And while that may have been acceptable in the 19th century, modern generation has—thankfully—moved on. We want to know the best ways to keep these moms happy.

And as a company dedicated to providing pregnant women with comfort, we believe we can impart some wisdom on what women want their partners to do during these months, and hopefully the months after!

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1.     Go to All Antenatal Appointments Together

Whether she says so or not, your partner will feel happier and more confident, knowing that you’re there to support her. Going to the gynecologist can be intimidating, especially for first-time moms. Your presence will assure them that they have your strength to lean on. Besides, don’t you want to hear the sound of your baby’s heartbeat, strongly beating away?

2.     Be Patient When She Has Mood Swings

While women are aware that their mood swings can get out-of-control, there really isn’t much we can do about it. But before you start getting angry, think about what your partner’s going through at the moment. She’s carrying a baby, she’s growing at an alarming rate, she misses her pre-pregnancy curves and you ate the last candy bar in the house and it’s 2 in the morning. Is she really to blame if she gets angry?

3.     Help with the Daily Chores

Contrary to popular belief, women value effort, rather than the result. We want to feel like you’re aware of what we’re going through and that you’re trying to help in any way you can. If that help comes in the form of you helping out around the house, so be it. Show her that you empathize with her and want to care for her.

4.     Splurge on Her

Who doesn’t like to be pampered! If you want to please your partner, set aside some time and show your romantic side. Make her feel like she’s wanted (make her through her body image issues out the window). Let her know how sexy you think she is. Shop online for fashionable maternity gowns, gift her some chocolate, tell her to let her hair down and just devote your time to her. She needs you now more than you think.

5.     Talk to the Bump

Even if you feel awkward doing so, just stop thinking and do it. Women love it when their partners show their love for their unborn baby. Talk to the bump, sing to it, or debate about philosophy – just show that you want to create a bond with your child. It shows that you’re an affectionate and caring parent.

With the above simple tips, we’re sure you’ll create an even stronger bond with your partner. And might even score some major brownie points alongside, and that’s just a win for everyone involved!

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