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The perfect gift for the New Mom this Mother’s Day

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The perfect gift for the New Mom this Mother’s Day

The perfect gift for the New Mom this Mother’s Day

We can all agree that this past year has been nothing short of crazy and in many families Mom or Mom-to-be  has been the glue holding it all together well trying to manage all that has fallen on her plate. 

Mother’s day this year holds more value than the past years  and fathers, husbands and children are all on the hunt for the perfect give to show the mom in their life. 

As the founder of Dressed to Deliver and a Mom to three, I wanted to share with you a few must have items that would be perfect for any expectant mom.

Check out my must have items below: 

1. A 3-in-1 Labor & Delivery Gown

Having one's own Labor & Delivery Gown packed will give a laboring mother the comfort of knowing that their garment has never been previously used. Dressed to Deliver gownshave all the functionality of a standard hospital gown and are hospital accepted in the (US or CANADA)and were created so that every nurse, doctor or midwife has easy and full accessibility to monitor each Mother and baby. The picture above is of me and my third baby! Shop Labor & Delivery Gowns HERE

2. A Postpartum Labor and Delivery Robe

Having a robe from home can provide a sense of comfort and calmness after the experience of Labor. A Dressed to Deliver Maternity Robe can allow medical staff access to any monitors or incisions they may need, and provides access for breastfeeding and Skin to skin while making a new Mother feel more at home while in the hospital.  Skin to skin and breastfeeding can ease anxiety for both Mother and baby. In the picture above, one of our DTD Mama's is wearing the Emery Robe! Shop Emery and other Maternity & Postpartum robes HERE


3. Matching Mommy and Me Labor Robe + Newborn Swaddle set.

Our matching Mommy and Me Labor Robe + Newborn Swaddle set are perfect for those first photos that you can share to all your loved one. Do you want FREE SWADDLE when you purchase a robe? Of course you do! Shop and grab a free swaddle & hat set HERE

Each of these items main purpose is to help make the labor &  as comfortable as possible for any expecting mother. 

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