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Top Breastfeeding Tips from Breastfeeding Mamas

3 min read

Top Breastfeeding Tips from Breastfeeding Mamas

We reached out to breastfeeding women in our community and ask them to share their tips and advice for other breastfeeding moms. Check out their awesome advice below. 


I wanted breastfeeding to be so beautiful at the start and it just wasn’t. It was painful and difficult and I hated it. I felt like a bad mom because I didn’t immediately have a hallmark moment.

I wish I had given myself some more grace. It was also so difficult because I gave birth at the start of the pandemic so no one was visiting. No public nurse, no lactation consultant, no doula, not even my mom. I tried to find other ways to enjoy it. I ate a lot while feeding. I played on my phone, it felt like guilt free phone time because I really couldn’t do anything else like cook or clean.

 Nipple cream also saved me.My nipples were so sore at the start that I would smother on the cream and just be topless because it hurt too much to have clothes on. 

I pumped after every feed for the first few weeks which really made my milk come in too.

The first 2 weeks are the hardest, but push through it! It’ll all be worth it.  Get quality nursing bras and nipple ointment.

Get a boppy pillow. Get a good quality pump.

If your breasts are engorged only pump to relieve the pressure. If you pump too much your breast will continue to overproduce.

After your LO has nursed on one side offer the other breast just to see if they are still hungry.

Get a haakaa! And most importantly enjoy the journey! It’s the most special bond ♥️

First off do not hesitate to get an expert opinion. The moment you think something isn’t exactly right, find an IBCLC immediately. In those early days, every feeding counts. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to quit prematurely, or run into issues like Failure To Thrive. We waited until Day 10 of life to hire a lactation consultant; I only wish we contacted her sooner.

Pay attention to the shape of baby’s mouth when they feed. Lips should both be turned out like a fish, with a wide mouth. Lips that are too close together, like when you whistle, could indicate too shallow of a latch.

Remember that some uncomfortableness is normal, especially in the first few days. But pain is not normal. Cracked, bleeding nipples are not normal. Seek help as soon as possible if these symptoms occur.

A quality hands-free pumping bra is key if you plan to pump ever. Also, don’t buy nursing bras until 1-2 weeks after your milk comes in. Your breasts can be a lot larger right when your milk comes in, then settle back down a week or so after. I made the mistake of buying them right away and ended up with bras that were 2 cup sizes too big. Pay attention to return policies too!

Remember that there’s so many experts you can count on if you need support. Its ok to quit if that’s what you really want, but it’s also ok to keep pushing forward, no matter how many obstacles you encounter along the way.


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