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Why Skin-to-Skin Contact after Birth is so Important

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Why Skin-to-Skin Contact after Birth is so Important

Why Skin-to-Skin Contact after Birth is so Important

At Dressed to Deliver we believe that the ability to have immediate skin-to-skin contact with your newborn is important. We have made the nursing process easier than ever with the addition of detachable straps and extremely soft bamboo fabric that is perfect for your baby's sensitive skin. Skin-to-Skin Keeps Baby Warmer, Regulates Breathing & Keeps Blood Sugar Levels Higher. 

Skin-to-skin contact right after birth:

1. Eases the baby's transition and recovery from the stress of being born.

2. Warms babies better than an overhead heater.

3. Lessens the amount of crying. Babies taken away from their mothers cry up to 90 times more often than if they're left skin-to-skin. Crying is stressful for a newborn and wastes energy. If mom is not available, skin-to-skin with the partner or support person is also beneficial.

4. Releases calming hormones in the mother. These same hormones help her bond and feel close to her baby. Babies who have skin-to-skin contact breastfeed for a longer term than babies who don't.

5. Helps baby latch on well to the breast. 

6. Strengthens baby's immune system. Babies’ bodies - particularly their intestines or 'guts' - need healthy bacteria acquired from their mothers' skin. The healthy bacteria from the mother protects baby from unhealthy  bacteria.

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