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The Dressed to Deliver What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag List!

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The Dressed to Deliver What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag List!

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag List!

Our 3-in-1 labor and delivery gowns

The hospital quickly became my second home. I got all too familiar with hospital gown, and quickly realized that it brought on a number of issues during my daily appointments, including the feeling of immodesty and discomfort during my ultrasounds. Bringing your own Labor & Delivery Gown that will help you feel more comfortable.

Our gowns have been Purposely Designed for YOU, your baby's and your medical professional's needs. As the premiere 3-in-1 Labor, Delivery and Nursing Gown, our hospital gown alternative keeps you covered, and were created so that your nurse, doctor or midwife have easy and full accessibility to monitor you and your baby.

Maternity and Nursing Robe

This robe is perfect for both moms and moms to be. Pack one in your hospital bag, pop it on for those first pictures with your new bundle and those postpartum visitors.

Its crossover design opens in front so this allows for easy skin-to-skin and breastfeeding access. Its design allows for easy sizing down from a beautiful bump to a postpartum mom! Wear it over and over again as a breastfeeding nightgown or lounge wear around the house. Comfortable, Beautiful and practical, we’ve got you covered!

The Perfect Nursing Bra 

Our Bump to Babe maternity + Nursing Bra was designed with comfort and function in mind. Adjustable straps and clip down cups allowing for full breastfeeding access and easy one-handed breastfeeding. Removable padding, provides a smooth shape underneath your clothing. Slit for reusable nursing pads to be inserted into the bra if required. Wire-free, double-layer fabric with various levels of stretch to support your changing body. Luxurious soft and breathable fabric feels like a second skin. 

A Swaddle & Hat Set 

Our Swaddle + Hat Sets were specifically designed for your newborns comfort.Newborns love being swaddled. Our light weight, stretchy swaddle made from silky smooth quality fabric really come in handy. PLUS We have patterns that match our Nursing Robes so you and your babe can match for your first pictures together

Bamboo Nursing Pads 

You NEED these nursing pads! The Leak-proof outer lining keeps breast milk in pad and away from clothing. They are reusable and washable and ultra-absorbent because made of the same superior engineered fabric as cloth diapers. The soft hypoallergenic bamboo fabric to place against tender nipples, perfect for use with nipple balm.

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